SPECviewperf 12 - Showcase ✧ Which GPU Should You Buy

Since GPU prices are dropping, but unevenly for all GPUs, this can confuse the market. You should see which GPU offers the best performance at a realistic price in the current market. To help you get your bearings quickly, we suggest using our rankings based on SPECviewperf 12, Showcase's final benchmark test. And ask yourself a series of questions: - What's the best budget GPU? - What is the best budget GPU for gaming? - What is the best video card for a budget build? - What is the best graphics card for low budget? If you're wondering what's the best graphics card for a beginner, use our list. It really depends on what your budget is and what kind of deals/sales are available at the time you go to buy your graphics card. The best cheap graphics cards prove that you don't have to take out a loan to get a high frame rate.