AnTuTu 9 Benchmark Ѻ Know Your Android Better

AnTuTu is a software benchmark commonly used for benchmarking smartphones and other devices. It is owned by the Chinese company Cheetah Mobile. It gives the device an overall numerical score and assigns a total score for each test performed. But it's much easier to use our ready-made rating than to download AnTuTu from PlayMarket. It's also important to know: - Which processor has the highest AnTuTu score? - Which AnTuTu score is best for gaming? - Is a higher AnTuTu score the best score? - What is the best benchmark for Android? AnTuTu Benchmark is an Android tool that allows you to check the performance of your device. It is also very useful for high performance games. Our ranking of iPhone and Android processors based on Antutu results will allow you to do without downloading and installing the program.