GeekBench 5 Metal ☉ How to Buy the Right Graphics Card

For anyone who wants to get into PC gaming, a graphics cardis an essential piece of hardware. A graphics card is responsible for generating the images that are displayed on your screen, and the quality of those images can have a big impact on your gaming experience. When selecting a graphics card, there are more options than just brand. How to choose the right GPU for YOU? We have ranked video cards for you based on GeekBench 5 Metal benchmark test results. We have ranked graphics cards for you based on the results of the GeekBench 5 Metal benchmark test. Comparing graphics processors will allow you to find the best graphics card. Also pay attention to additional nuances: - What GPU do you need? - What is the most used GPU? - What is the most budget friendly GPU? We've found cheap GPUs for you that are perfect for 1080P games at low to medium settings. Just use the results we got from the best GPU benchmark. You need to make sure your graphics card will fit in your PC, that it supports your desired video connector, and that your PSU is sufficient.