AnTuTu 8 benchmark ⨁ What is the best way to compare CPUs

Every smartphone needs a mobile processor. It is the heart of every mobile device and is largely responsible for the power and performance of the entire device. So it's a good idea to be familiar with your mobile processor. The current generations of smartphones come in a range of multi-core processors. Most commonly found are dual-core (two), quad-core (four) and octa-core (eight). We have made a chart comparing the performance of the best processors. The latest chipsets are compared in the AnTuTu 8 benchmark speed ranking. Find out which cell phone processor is the best. Also consider the important subtleties: - Which CPU type is best for mobile? - Which phone has the most powerful CPU? - What is the fastest CPU in a smartphone? - Which type of processor is best for Android mobile? Our processor / CPU comparison helps you to compare two CPUs. We have made a comparison of mobile processors for you and entered the results in the comparison table of processors of the best smartphones. CPU rating for mobile devices will help you understand the power of your smartphone and, if necessary, choose a new one.