NVIDIA Quadro K2000
AMD FirePro W4100

Basic specifications of NVIDIA Quadro K2000: 954 MHz / , 2 GB, 28 nm. The best graphics cards provide high frame rates even at 4K, but now the best graphics card is also the price. You should also know:
- What type of graphics card is best;
- What's the best video card to buy;
- What is the #1 video card in the world.
You also have the opportunity to buy a cheap graphics card for your PC.

Basic specifications of AMD FirePro W4100: 630 MHz / , 2 GB, 28 nm. The best graphics cards provide high frame rates even at 4K, but now the best graphics card is also the price. You should also know:
- What type of graphics card is best;
- What's the best video card to buy;
- What is the #1 video card in the world.
You also have the opportunity to buy a cheap graphics card for your PC.


General Information ✪ What Is a Graphics Card? Here's What You Need to Know

 How much should I spend on a cheap graphics card? For the most part, there are very few graphics cards that you can get under $200. But you should not just choose a budget graphics processor, and compare its performance with the specifications of other graphics cards. To find out which video card is better, NVIDIA Quadro K2000 or AMD FirePro W4100, our comparison service will help you. Also note the following:

  1. What is considered a good graphics card?
  2. What is the number 1 graphics card?
  3. What graphics card do I need for gaming best?
  4. What graphics cards do gamers use?

 The best video card for gaming can be expensive, but you don't have to buy a top rated GPU. Also check what your favorite processor does in a benchmark stress test. Some games are not very well optimized, so you will have to fiddle with the graphics settings to get decent performance. This means you need to compare the performance of graphics cards NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and AMD FirePro W4100. Also a lot depends on the purpose of use: remember how many GB of video card you need for gaming, programming and video editing.

Place in performance rating
Value for money (0-100)
Code name
Cape Verde
1 March 2013 (9 years ago)
Release date
2 October 2015 (6 years ago)
Launch price (MSRP)
no data
$1083 (1.8x MSRP)
Price now
Value for money
GPU code name
Cape Verde
Market segment

Technical Specifications Graphics Card ✪ Tech Specs Explained: What Do They Mean

When it comes to choosing a graphics card for your gaming PC, the choices are endless. Choosing the right graphics card for gaming is not easy. First, you need to decide on the amount of memory you want in your graphics card · Also consider factors such as the form factor of your PC. We will tell you how to buy a graphics processor and get the right card for your PC. If you are looking for the best graphics card, you need to compare the specifications of NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and AMD FirePro W4100 . Our service includes almost every video card available on the market, used in cryptocurrency mining, gaming, graphic design and just to work on your laptop and PC. To cope with the task, don't forget to pay attention to the following as well:

  1. How do I choose a graphics card for gaming?
  2. How do I choose the right GPU?
  3. What size GPU is best for gaming?

If you are thinking about how to choose a graphics card, you will also need to check the compatibility of your graphics card with your motherboard. Make sure your PC case has enough room for the card you're considering, and that your power supply has enough watts to spare, along with the correct type of power connectors.

954 MHz
Core clock speed
630 MHz
1,270 million
Transistor count
1,500 million
28 nm
Manufacturing process technology
28 nm
51 Watt
Power consumption (TDP)
50 Watt
Texture fill rate
732.7 gflops
Floating-point performance
645.1 gflops
Pipelines / CUDA cores
1,270 million
Number of transistors
1,500 million
51 Watt
Thermal design power (TDP)
400 Watt

Dimensions and Compatibility ✪ Graphics Card Compatibility – Here's How To Check

Find the graphics card that fits your needs and budget, whether you're an avid gamer or a casual user. Use our service to compare scores NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and AMD FirePro W4100 to determine which features are right for you. On our site you will choose the best latest graphics processor for 4k gaming or game development. You'll also find the best budget GPU to fit your needs because we've collected data on graphics cards in different price ranges. Note also the following:

  1. How do I know which video card to buy?
  2. How do I check what kind of graphics card I have?
  3. How do I check what kind of graphics card I have?
  4. What is the best cheap graphics processor?

If you want to use multiple graphics cards in your PC, you'll need to choose both the right cards and a motherboard that supports this technology. Consider the nuances and use our feature comparison service to find the best graphics card.

PCIe 2.0 x16
PCIe 3.0 x16
202 mm
171 mm
Supplementary power connectors
no data
Bus support
PCIe 3.0
no data
Form factor
low profile / half length

Graphics memory (technical specifications) ⨂ How Much GPU Memory (VRAM) Do You Need For Gaming

Graphics cards have memory to store rendered frames and provide the GPU with fast access to important data. GPU performance and GPU memory are directly related. For best performance, the data must reside in GPU memory. Compare the numbers for NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and AMD FirePro W4100 to make the right choice. Consider the following as well:

  1. What is the GPU memory?
  2. What is a good GPU memory size?
  3. Is GPU memory the same as RAM?
  4. Is 8GB GPU memory good?

With the right choice, a graphics card not only meets existing needs, but also secures the future of your PC for years to come, saving you from having to upgrade your graphics card in the near future. With the right choice, a graphics card not only meets existing needs, but also secures the future of your PC for years to come, saving you from having to upgrade your graphics card in the near future. As a result, you won't have to deal with the fact that your GPU memory is full.

Memory type
2 GB
Maximum RAM amount
2 GB
128 Bit
Memory bus width
128 Bit
4000 MHz
Memory clock speed
4000 MHz
64 GB/s
Memory bandwidth
72 GB/s
no data
Shared memory

Port and Display Support ◕ What are the ports on a graphics card for

Building a new PC is tricky. You need to ensure the compatibility of all parts, including the graphics card. If you are new to building a PC or are planning to upgrade your graphics processor, you may be confused about how to know if your graphics card is compatible with your computer. Before you buy a new graphics card, make sure it's compatible with your old processor and motherboard. Use our service and look at the specs NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and AMD FirePro W4100. Pay attention to the following nuances as well:

  1. How do I know if a new graphics card is compatible?
  2. Are all graphics cards compatible?
  3. What does a graphics card need to be compatible with?
  4. Can you just put in a new graphics card?

Having a free connector on the motherboard is only the first size requirement to consider before buying a new card. To find out if a graphics card fits on your motherboard, use our service.

1x DVI, 2x DisplayPort
Display Connectors
4x mini-DisplayPort
no data
Dual-link DVI support

Technologies ✪ What architecture does GPU use

What are the advantages of installing a graphics card? Today's technology allows graphics cards NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and  AMD FirePro W4100 to provide high definition and detail images with virtually no performance degradation. Compare performance to choose the right one, and consider the following:

  1. How many graphics card can a computer have?
  2. How many GPUs can you have in a PC mining?
  3. Can you run a PC without a graphics card?

If you don't know if a video card improves video quality and performance, the answer is yes. Check the specifications of video cards NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and AMD FirePro W4100 and choose the appropriate model.

no data
no data
no data

API support ▲ Best Graphics Cards for 3D Modeling

The best video card for game development for beginners doesn't have to be expensive. It is much more important to choose a graphics processor that can handle your needs. Learn what the difference between NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and AMD FirePro W4100 in these parameters is.  Also note the following:

  1. What is the best video card for computer?
  2. How do you install a video card on a computer?
  3. How to install a video card on a computer?
  4. What is the best video recorder for PC?

The best graphics cards will provide the best gaming experience and allow you to reach new heights in game development. Also make sure you understand the process of choosing a graphics processor for video editing before you buy one. 

12 (11_0)
12 (11_1)
Shader Model

Mining hashrates ✪ Is higher Hashrate better for mining

The hash rate reflects the performance of the mining equipment. It is measured in solutions per second. A solution in the Ethereum network is called a hash, or simply h. Mining performance is measured in h/s (hashes per second). Use our service and compare the performance for two video cards: NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and AMD FirePro W4100. It is also important to consider the following:

  1. What to mine with GPU?
  2. How to improve hashrate of your GPU for faster mining?
  3. Is mining with one GPU profitable?
  4. What is the best GPU for mining Ethereum?

GPU mining is a process of solving complex math problems to verify electronic transactions using computer components – in this case, a graphics card. Choose the right graphics card, and the result will be to your liking. Choose the right graphics card, and the result will be to your liking. Both top-end mining cards and the best budget mining graphics cards are available to you.


24 Mh/s
Bitcoin / BTC (SHA256)
79 Mh/s

Advantages of NVIDIA Quadro K2000

0.43% faster in synthetic tests

Advantages of AMD FirePro W4100

Cheaper ($137 vs $1083 (1.8x MSRP))

More pipelines (512 vs 384)

Less power consumption (50 Watt vs 51 Watt)

More memory bandwidth (72 GB/s vs 64 GB/s)

So, NVIDIA Quadro K2000 or AMD FirePro W4100?

Which video card is better and more powerful? We recommend NVIDIA Quadro K2000 .

NVIDIA Quadro K2000 vs AMD FirePro W4100 in benchmarks comparison

GPU Benchmark performance

3DMark Cloud Gate GPU ✦ BEST and WORST GPUs to buy RIGHT NOW

If you're looking for an inexpensive graphics card with an average price point, a ranking based on testing in the 3DMark Cloud Gate benchmark is good for you. Comparing graphics processors online in a benchmark is a good way to get an idea of power. Keep in mind the following: - Which graphics card has the lowest price? - Which graphics card is the cheapest? - What's the best cheapest gaming graphics card? Cheap computer graphics cards can be good, too, as you'll see: they even pull some of today's games.

3DMark Fire Strike Score × Best Graphics Cards to Buy

Check out our ranking of the best graphics cards for gaming with performance. We compiled it based on our 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark, which compares popular models. We'll show you which graphics cards will be available and which ones will work best for your needs. Also consider the following: - Which graphics processor is best for gaming? - What graphics processor do professional gamers use? - What is the #1 graphics card in the world? The best graphics processor for smooth PC gaming will be at your disposal.

3DMark Fire Strike Graphics ✦ How to compare and find a good and inexpensive graphics card

Below you will find the best budget graphics processor for you. The best cheap graphics cards are presented in our table with summary test results in the 3DMark benchmark. If you're looking for the best budget graphics card, we provide plenty of options. Also find answers to a number of questions: - What are some good budget graphics cards? - What should you consider when buying a graphics card? - What is considered a "good" video card? Here's a list of popular budget video cards that may be right for you.

Unigine Heaven 3.0 ❁ What Graphics Card Should You Buy?

The graphics processor inside a desktop computer is what is commonly referred to as a "graphics card". Their design is very simple. But graphics cards for a computer and a laptop are very different, which is something to consider when buying. You can find out the specifics with a list of video cards from best to worst based on the stress test in Unigine Heaven 3.0. Also get the basics: - What's the difference between a laptop and a desktop graphics card? - Why do some graphics cards have different names for each model? - Should you buy a gaming laptop with a graphics card? Is there a rule of thumb in comparing Desktop and Mobile GPUs? No, there isn't any rule (except that mobile GPUs are always worse than their desktop counterparts). Are graphics cards for laptops the same as those for desktops? Not at all, so find out the difference.

Octane Render OctaneBench ◈ How to select a graphics card for laptop

On our site we will tell you how to choose the right graphics processor. Do you need it for gaming? Do you need it purely for work and is it enough for everyday tasks? Let's find out which graphics card you should buy according to Octane Render OctaneBench. Don't forget the following: - What's the best gaming graphics processor? - How do I know what graphics card my games use? - How do I know what kind of graphics card I have? We rated the best budget graphics cards. These cheap GPUs are perfect for gaming on lower-to-medium settings.

Passmark GPU ◆ Best Graphics Cards based on Price-to-Performance

As GPU inventory continues to grow, you may be wondering which GPU you should buy. We've compared them all in the Passmark GPU benchmark (yes... all current generation cards) to give you the definitive answer! Find out which graphics card is best for your gaming computer, find the answers to the important questions: - What's the best budget gaming graphics card? - What are the best cheap video cards? - What is the best gaming graphics card? The best video cards for gaming are presented in our ranking: checked with Passmark GPU.

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